Friday, September 30, 2011

Animal Antics by Rina Robinson

In this engaging book, Rina Robinson fires the imagination with her unique poem and illustrations. A book any child will treasure and enjoy again and again. With its exotic animals and quirky tales this children’s book will delight.

It has rhyme and colour, and the marvellous bonus of opening the door to learning, not only about the alphabet, but about fascinating animals in different places around the world. The glossary at the end makes this lovely book an educational tool that parents and teachers are sure to value and use.

Summer Sorcery by Rina Robinson

Leah is not looking forward to ‘coming of age’. There are many dangers to face in the land where she lives: false wizards and barbaric ceremonies. However, nothing causes Leah more disquiet than the prospect of marriage – to be owned by a husband fills her with dread, but she will have no choice. She must bow to tradition.

Leah's friend, Janah, left her home to be married some months ago. But she has now unexpectedly returned. The girls are re-united under strange circumstances, and face many difficulties together. Their wits are tested at every turn, as they must decide who to trust. Along their journey they meet a cast of fascinating characters.

Will they rely on Menah and Terstyn, two handsome strangers, to help them? When they find menace on the road they have to take a chance. What hand will fate play the two girls next?

The Frog that Hiccupped by Linda Brooks

Fraser is a shy frog. He has just moved with his mum and dad to a new pond. Meeting new people makes him nervous. When he is nervous he hiccups. When he hiccups all sorts of things happen.

How will he make new friends?

Callan the Chameleon by Linda Brooks

Callan the Chameleon lived in a tall lilly pilly tree with pink tipped leaves. The leaves of the lilly pilly tree grow very thick. Callan felt safe in the rustling tree that was home.

The theme of the book is acceptance of our differences. 

The main character, Callan, has tendencies that parallel with Asperger's Syndrome.  The story deals with this in a subtle way and celebrates our unique personality traits and individual talents. 

The story revolves around Callan and his bush animal friends, Emily the Echidna, Kyle the Koala, Katie the Kookaburra, Wesley the Wombat, Freya the Frilled Necked Lizard and other uniquely Australian animals. 

Ethereal Land by Linda Brooks

Seth is five years old. He lives with his Grandpapa, Chard in a place called Ethereal Land.

Chard is a Credente and tells Seth they will one day live in another place; a place called ‘The Real World’.

One day Seth pulled at his Grandpapa's sleeve and asked, “Grandpapa, what is ‘Real’?”

“Real is for always,” replied Chard. “If something isn’t for always, why then it’s just not Real.”

Then Chard placed a strong work-worn hand over Seth’s heart as if to place something important there.

Seth tilted his head and looked up at his Grandpapa with confused eyes. Would he ever understand?

What is ‘Real’?

Who Stole Christmas?

Bella was very confused. It was nearly Christmas Day and there were no presents under the tree in their house. Both her parents had been acting a little odd.
No matter how hard she tried, Bella couldn’t find any sign of Christmas coming to her house this year. Her friends were all very excited about what they were going to get, but no-one was talking about it at her place.
She tried very hard to be good, knowing how important it was when staying on Santa’s list of ‘nice’ children. But still the space under the Christmas tree was bare.
Had Christmas been cancelled at her house? Or worse still, had someone stolen Christmas?
Bella was about to learn of a different kind of Christmas. One she would never forget.