Monday, March 8, 2010

Book launch
Linda’s new book takes us to places we have never been, to places of the heart, teaching us to have the courage to look at life through the eyes of others. Linda chronicles her life with her son from his birth, covering the early years, teen years to adulthood. It follows the roller coaster ride from the bizarre to the obscene, the poetic and the hilarious, the heartache and the joy. The story embraces the muddled, hilarious stumbling between two worlds, linked by love—worlds that seemed so desperately different at first view; hand in hand, mother and son. A boy obsessed with the unfathomable, a mother obsessed with understanding him. Linda has poignantly captured the struggle of living with a child who appears to see the world through broken glass. Asperger’s is like watching a child trying to play hopscotch when he can’t see the squares, and everyone else can. It is a book that informs about Asperger’s Syndrome in a uniquely accessible way, pulling no punches, but is buoyant with hope and spirit. Linda's book features a chapter by Professor Tony Attwood, generally considered the leading authority on Asperger's and Autism. The book will be launched by Dr Steele Fitchett.

I am very pleased to be involved with Linda’s book, ‘I’m not broken, I’m just different’. I think we both have a very important message and I certainly endorse Linda’s positive approach. I know it will change the lives of many families. Professor Tony Attwood

As a counsellor I have discovered a number of special pearls, a couple of which are found in Linda and Bronson’s journey. This is a timely book with a special message. Dr Steele Fitchett

A long awaited book. Linda and Bronson have a great relationship; it’s entertaining to watch them bounce off each other. I once remarked to Linda describing her motherhood, ‘You enjoy him and that is one of the finest assets of a mother that you offer, regardless of how he reacts’. Dr John Miller