Monday, February 22, 2010

Callan the Chameleon

Callan the Chameleon lived in a tall lilly pilly tree with pink tipped leaves. The leaves of the lilly pilly tree grow very thick. Callan felt safe in the rustling tree that was his home.

Chameleons change colours when they are in different places. This protects them from other animals.

Callan worried a lot about being safe. He didn’t like to be seen at all. Everywhere he went he checked to see if he was blending in with the bush around him.

Callan wasn’t like other chameleons. His skin didn’t change colour when his surroundings changed.

At least that is what he thought.

The theme of the book is acceptance of our differences.  The main character, Callan the Chameleon, has tendencies that parallel with Asperger's Syndrome. 

The story deals with this in a subtle way and celebrates our unique personality traits and individual talents. 

The story revolves around Callan and his bush animal friends, Emily the Echidna, Kyle the Koala, Kimberley the Kookaburra, Wesley the Wombat, Felicity the Frilled Necked Lizard and other uniquely Australian animals.

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