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ART from the HEART

Now available - beautiful art book with step by step instructions in all media - a unique teaching style a renowned artist, Aileen McLeod.

I Will Run When Summer Comes by Pauline Young

Summer! People in the hospital were talking about what a hot day it was outside. It was only late spring, but already the mercury was climbing. There was a whole group of us sitting in a circle in the therapy room of Cambridge Psychiatric Hospital, poring over our writings. Colleen, the nurse in charge waited patiently while we struggled with our problems on paper. The air was electric with the sound of rustling paper, scratching biros and the sighs of the patients. I hunched over my note pad, pen poised. They say that summer is knocking at the door, and I will run when summer comes, I wrote. After a very nasty episode when I thought I was dead, I now realized I was still alive, and that it was November, l978. That I wasn’t in some underground cavern of hell where the wallpaper pattern peeled off the walls to invade one’s mind, or where you had no body, but drifted through the air uncoordinated, with nowhere to go and no-one to relate to. Yes! I was alive at the age of thirty-six. Perhaps there were many more years to go before death – the real death, overtook me. Summer, and Christmas were mine after all. I must get completely better from my nervous mental illness and run, run, run!

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Central Coast Poets Inc. anthology launch

The Central Coast Poets Inc. is proud to present their latest anthology. The anthology was launched on December 8 by Meredith Gilmore of Coast FM. David Musgrove presented awards to the winners of the Henry Kendall Poetry Competition. This email contains a link to amazon.com where the book is available for purchase at $24.99. Central Coast Poets Inc. gratefully acknowledges the generous assistance and support of its editorial committee: Jeannie Lawson Kelly Blaney-Murphy Robert M. Steley David Harrison John Wright Narelle Grace Louise Berry The theme is ‘seeking the sun’, wherever it hides. Poetry, in essence, is about imagery through words and this title evokes the longing of humanity for ‘better’. In poetry, our subconscious gives voice to the words our lips cannot form. It is both deep and indefinable. Yearning and unreachable. Linda Brooks. (Linda also created the anthology in digital format for printing through Linda Ruth Brooks Publishing Services. contact@lindaruthbrooks.com) "Seeking the Sun is an anthology of contemporary commentaries, observations, memories and commemorations. From controversial to mundane, from dark to uplifting, from cynical to hopeful, the poems are serious, humorous, simple and sophisticated. Congratulations to Central Coast Poets Inc. for giving local poets and those from further afield the opportunity to have their voices heard in the biennial Henry Kendall Poetry Award, and for publishing this accomplished anthology in 2012." Meredith Gilmore, Coast Arts presenter Coast FM 963 (Central Coast Community Radio

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